Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Business Owners - Have you reviewed your employees' status lately?

As we progress into the New Year it may be a good time to review your employees and make sure you understand their positions and your responsibilities. I found this article, "7 questions employers should ask themselves every year" ( and thought it would be worth a mention. I know some of the points here may be for larger companies but there is at least one issue I think all employers need to consider and that in independent contractors.

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Question #1: “Do you have accurate job descriptions…”
Question #3: "Have you reviewed each worker treated as an independent contractor to ensure he/she should not be treated as an employee? ..."

These can have dramatic tax consequences and wage implications. If you have an independent contractor that only works for you and you direct most or all of his or her time, that person may actually be an employee by Departments of Labor or Treasury regulations.
In these busy times, your company may have grown, shifted or gradually changed creating employment relationships that have changed too. Take a quick look at this short list of questions. If you are not sure of the answers to these questions, it may be time to talk to your attorney.

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