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Bankruptcy - it may suprise you who files for protection

Most people who walk into my office to discuss bankruptcy feel they are not "the type" of person to file bankruptcy. I think people would be surprised by "the type" of people who do seek protection. I found a blog that pulled some of the statistics out of a study.

"Bankruptcy Statistics:
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1.     Age: The numbers suggest that older people file bankruptcy more often than younger folks. Most of the filers (56%) were between the ages of 35 and 54. And those older than 54 outnumber filers under 35 years old.

2.     Gender: Although more men are filing bankruptcy these days, in general women file more than men.

3.     Race: Bankruptcy filers are overwhelmingly Caucasian (72%), 11% are African American, and Hispanics come in third at 9%.

4.     Education level: The more educated you are, the more likely you may file bankruptcy. College graduates and those with graduate degrees make up more than 57% of filers; those with high school diplomas or GEDs come in second at 36%, and less than 6% of all bankruptcy filers did not graduate from high school.

5.     Income level: Not surprisingly, those with incomes under $20,000 annually were the highest group to file at 38%, with the next highest group (21%) earning between $20,000 and $30,000 annually. Apparently, both these percentages have declined since the study began. The third highest group earned between $30,000 and $40,000 annually – a percentage also on the decline. Finally, those filers in the highest income category (over $60,000 annually) almost doubled to 9% during the 5-year study period.

6.     Job Status: Most filers also had jobs (70%). Only 17% were currently unemployed, and the rest were considered to be out of the job market because they were retired, students, or homemakers.

7.     Marital Status: Married couples make up 64% of all bankruptcy filers, and less than 15% of unmarried filers were divorced."

See more of the article - The Many Faces of Bankruptcy - using the Institute for Financial Literacy five-year study to get a better understanding of who files bankruptcy and why.

Based on my practice, these statistics do not really shock me. But I do find them interesting. I think this study demonstrates that average people ... our neighbors, friends and co-workers find themselves in tough financial straits and need help.

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