Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Should I assume my car lease in my bankruptcy?

Keeping a car lease during in a bankruptcy case is an important consideration. Debtors can reject without any penalty or further obligation or assume contracts. A lease is a contract and debtors need to decide how they want to deal with leases. 
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Debtors can reject a lease and give up the property or assume the lease to keep the leased property. Debtors have the responsibility and are required by the bankruptcy law to "assume" a lease if they want to keep the leased property. 

But a debtor must remember when he or she keeps the property, he or she keeps all the obligations. The most obvious obligation is the over-mileage fees. If the debtor has already driven the car over the contracted mileage rate, it might be a good time to give up the car in the bankruptcy and prevent any additional fees.

Another consideration might be the performance of the car. Has it been a maintenance burden... not quite a lemon but far from being cherry? Maybe it is a good opportunity to dump it and to find something else.

Whatever the result, a Debtor should make sure it was a thoughtful decision. If the lease is a burden, rejecting the lease and giving up the car may be the best decision.

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