Monday, April 27, 2015

Liabilities may be changing for websites and search engines ...

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Since the internet emerged as a public platform for communication, internet service providers (ISP's) have not been held liable for false information posted in Blogs, Discussion Boards and Websites. They were given more latitude than traditional media and other sources of information. Part of the theory behind the lack of liability is an ISP has no editorial authority... they are a merely public electronic bulletin board ... such regulation would be onerous on the ISP and might stifle the growth of the internet. That era may be coming to an end and ISP's may now need to monitor the content they allow to be posted. is reporting: "The Supreme Court said Monday it will decide whether Web sites and other firms that collect personal data can be sued for publishing inaccurate information even if the mistakes don't cause any actual harm." -

This could be  dramatic change for the internet and its users... everyone essentially. This is definitely a case to be watched.

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