Friday, February 24, 2017

Bankruptcy Creditors Meetings - proof of social security number

Over the past several weeks, this has become an issue. It is simple to address but can stop a creditors meeting before it starts. One of the requirements the trustee has during the meeting is to verify the debtor's Social Security Number (SSN). It is important because most financial data in our lives keys off our SSN.
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The main document used to verify is our actual social security card. Since identity theft has become so prevalent, that number has been stripped off most other forms of ID. So I always ask my clients if they have their social security card available and advise them up front they need to present it at the meeting. The meeting of creditor notice from the court also states at the top of the notice the debtor's social security card is required and I try to sent at least two e-mails stating to my clients they need their social security card. But with all the emotion going on during this time, people will still forget their card or realize too late they do not know where it is.

There are other forms of ID that contain your SSN. Medicare cards have your SSN and I have had clients use them to verify their SSN. I also know as a retired military reservist, my retiree card has my SSN though I have not had anyone use a retiree card yet. If you do not have some proof to verify your SSN, the creditors meeting stops then and generally, will be continued to give debtor time to replace their social security card if they need to. No one wants to have their creditors meeting continued.

Bottom-line, prepare for your creditors meeting and pack everything up in a file you are asked to bring. If you do not have a document available to prove your SSN, let your attorney know so he or she can deal with it before you are sitting in front of the trustee. If none of this works for you, remember, "Hey it happens!" You should be given a little time to fix it the first time.

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