Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Short post for employers and managers - words have meaning, managers should offer opinions based in facts

Words you would not want said or, even more, meant in your work place:

       "That 'they' just want someone younger for the position of ______________."

In this blog is the analysis of a case out of the 6th Circuit: It talks about how a case of a legitimate release of a subordinate can get bogged down in legal proceedings when managers offer off-handed opinions. Sometimes they are meant to make the person being release feel better. Sometimes people don't think about them at all. But when dealing with a problem employee, managers should be thinking about everything they say all the time.

If the statements in this case were stated because they were true, the manager stating the opinion should have been addressing them up the chain and not when releasing the employee. Just a short read for managers and things to keep in mind.

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