Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Common Credit Score Myths

So many people talk about credit scores but I don't know how much we really know about them. Here is an article that explains "10 Common Credit Score Myths People Tell Me" http://bit.ly/1CMFqF8.
One of the facts the article discusses is the difference between a "hard inquiry" and a "soft inquiry":
"Myth 3: Checking my credit report or credit score will reduce my score.

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FACT: So many of my clients have no idea what their credit score is because they thought checking it would hurt it. Looking at your own credit report or score isn’t like sneaking a peek at your notes during a test, you’re allowed to be in the know. While it’s true that if a lender checks your credit report or credit score, it results in a “hard inquiry,” which causes a small, temporary drop in your credit score. However, when you check your own, it’s called a “soft inquiry,” and it has no effect on your score." Not all inquiries impact your credit score.
Take a look at the article if this is a topic that interests you. Several point are good to know and others may really make you think about caring for your credit score. It is like most things in life; you have more control than you may realize.
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