Sunday, September 25, 2016

Location ... Location ... Location ... does it apply in bankruptcy cases?

I have often received telephone calls from people some distances away from my office. As we were talking, they realized my office was a little bit of a drive. When that happens, it is common to hear something like, "Gee ... I wanted to talk to someone closer to me."

Does distance matter? And should it be your first consideration when finding an attorney? I would argue the answer is "No" to both questions.

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First, technology allows us to transfer information freely. Fax's, e-mail, and "dropbox" services can be used to conduct conversations and exchange information. I have had clients snap photos on their phone to send me copies of documents. If I have a client that is not comfortable with transferring documents using technology, I can usually accommodate any schedule to  drop off documents with an appointment outside normal business hours. Technology and flexible scheduling can close the physical distance between a client and his or her attorney.

Finding a bankruptcy attorney close to home or work does not need to be a primary consideration. I will generally see clients in my office as many times as they need to be comfortable. Most clients want and are satisfied with two office meetings. First, people generally want to meet up front. They want an in-person initial consultation. The second meeting is usually the time we review and sign the court filings.

But I feel I only really need to meet with clients once if that is more convenient and the desire of a client. I need to meet with once to prove they are who they say they are, review the filing with them, and have them approve and sign the petition and schedules. The next required meeting is the creditors meeting, which is held in a regularly scheduled place not connected to the attorney's office location.

Because technology, scheduling flexibility, and the limited number of necessary office visits can lessen impact of distance when dealing with bankruptcy attorneys, clients are free to choose attorneys further from their home or work.  

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