Reviews found on Google

(5 Stars) "I was very pleased with the work Mark Medvesky did for me. He was knowledgeable, professional and answered my questions in layman's terms. Even when I asked the same question several times, Mark was patient and understanding. He and his wife (also an attorney) share a simple office in Souderton; there was no other staff which meant I was not helping him pay for a lot of overtime. He is a 20-year U S Air Force veteran. which meant a lot to me as a Marine Corps veteran. Mark returned the unused part of my retainer without me asking. For an attorney to refund any retainer is virtually unheard of.  Attorney Medvesky earned my highest recommendation!" (03/16/2024)

(5 Stars) "Mark Medvesky as my attorney was one of the wisest decisions I've made to handle my bankruptcy.  Mark is an extremely kind and empathetic person, not to mention being a great attorney.  Mark guided me through the bankruptcy process, and advised me when, in my case, some complications arose.  He kept me focused, and on track.  I very highly recommend Mark.  Thank you Mark! (01/19/2024)

(5 Stars) "Mr. Medvesky was very helpful and informative with our legal situation. Highly Recommend." (10/21/2023)

(5 Stars) "Mark Medvesky represented me in a bankruptcy proceeding. Mark took the time to pay attention to all the details of my situation to tailor an approach to meet my needs. Chapter 13 bankruptcies are noted to have very low completion rates, Mark kept me on track through excellent communication and frank discussions. My sense is that he takes a personal interest in his client's success and well being. I was able to complete the process and come out the other side enlightened and in a better position to live a more fiscally responsible life moving forward. Mark guided me through my tough times in a compassionate way while using his excellent skills to develop a plan which met all parties' needs. I highly recommend Mark for your legal needs. Thank you Mr. Medvesky!" (02/25/2023)

(5 Stars) "Completely professional firm. Thank you Mark for making this difficult process go as smoothly as possible and setting my mind at ease for a good outcome. Truly satisfied client. thank you, Deb S." (04/18/2022)

(5 Stars) "Mark made a painful process bearable and explained every step of the process along the way, answering any questions I had. I would encourage anyone that needs his services to call him. Highly recommend!" (04/17/2022)

(5 Stars)  "Working with Mark through my bankruptcy was seamless! He always made me feel comfortable with the whole process. It's not something anyone wants to go through..but I will be recommending him in the future." (04/04/2022)

(5 Stars) "Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness"
"Mark is a constamment professional. Extremely responsive to emails and phone calls and worked with me the entire time. He's by your side throughout the entire, sometimes stressful, process. He makes everything incredibly easier to understand and get through. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a great lawyer in a time of need." (07/05/2021)
Note: Same client posted on AVVO too. 

(5 Stars) "Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value"
"This firm is one of the best around! I worked with Mark and I couldn't have asked for an easier person to work with! Things happen in life that can put us in a tough predicament. This wonderful firm was responsive, friendly, and they are just a kind group of people. I highly recommend!" (06/22/2020)

(5 Stars) "Mr. Medvesky handled my bankruptcy case. He was so patient and helpful. He was very quick to respond anytime I had questions and was super patient with me through all my husband's medical issues. I highly recommend this firm, specifically Mark Medvesky." (11/17/2019)

(5 Stars) "Thank you Mark for your exceptional service. He was helpful in explaining and getting me through this process. I would recommend Attorney Mark to anyone." (09/18/2019)

(5 Stars) "Mark Medvesky was thorough in all his work and walk me through everything without any issues. I would highly recommend this law firm. Excellent work!" (07/23/2019) 

(5 Stars) "I was assisting family members in their bankruptcy as they weren't very technical people and digging into the problem myself found it was out of my scope of knowledge, so I decided it would be best to find an experienced Bankruptcy lawyer that could guide them through the process. Mark Medvesky is a very understanding and helpful lawyer from the first consultation to the court hearing he explained thoroughly the items needed going forward while compassionate enough to take the time in hearing concerns or questions about the process. The Bankruptcy Trustee of this district was looking for specifics which only an experienced lawyer, such as Mark, would know and Mark was very helpful in explaining the proceedings which made it easier to understand what was going on. Most communication was done either in person or through email and any concerns were addressed quickly when I emailed Mark. I would gladly recommend Mark Medvesky to anyone that needs a bankruptcy lawyer and if I ever needed to file bankruptcy myself I would definitely consult Mark Medvesky again." (01/07/2018)

(5 Stars) Mark was very helpful with my bankruptcy case I highly recommend him. He was quick, thorough and answered all my questions and concerns. (12/09/2017)

(5 Stars) Mark and Dawn were both excellent. I was always answered promptly and never felt pressured to rush into making decisions. I had found my experience working with them very easy, pleasurable, and of course successful. They honestly care about you. Thank you. (02/13/2017)

(5 Stars) It was a pleasure working with Mark. Right from the beginning, we could tell he wasn't in it for the money like many lawyers; he sincerely cares about his clients. He was very helpful and there for us throughout our process. Answered any questions or concerned we had, and responded quickly whenever needed him. Very knowledgeable, and thorough in his work. Would recommend him to anyone. (03/07/2016)

(5 Stars) I found Mark through Google and set up a meeting to see if he could help. From the very first meeting, even before I committed to working with him, he took the time to answer all of my questions and make sure I understood the process. My case was complex and he took the time to do all the research. He was honest with me throughout the process and that was really important to me. I highly recommend Mark! (06/02/2015)

(5 Stars) I was in need of a Bankruptcy Attorney and found Medvesky Law Firm. I intended to o a few consultations with different Law Firms before deciding which one to go with. I was immediately impressed with Mark Medvesky. It was an easy choice for me to hire him. He was very understanding of my situation and always available to answer my many questions. He worked very hard for me and got better results than I had originally thought possible. I would definitely recommend Mark and his Firm to everyone I know. I found in my dealings with him that he not only deals with Bankruptcies but with other legal services as well. (06/12/2014)

Reviews found on AVVO

Highly recommend - Posted by anonymous - (5 stars)

Mark was always extremely responsive and helpful in my parent's bankruptcy case. He made sure everything was clear and timely. Easy to work with and very effective! (02/05/2024)

Highly recommend - Posted by Janice - (5 stars)

Mark is very professional and worked very diligently for me to get the best results possible. He is always extremely responsive, friendly and true helpful. Also his fee was reasonable, and well worth the cost. He helped me through a difficult time in my life and was able to completely eliminate my concerns. I highly recommend him. (04/06/2023)

The Best - Posted by David - (5 stars)

I definitely recommend Mark to anyone needing a caring and responsive lawyer. His efforts led to my discharge of any additional burdens I incurred. Patient and thorough during the whole process. Explaining in a clear language my options which removed the personal stress. Mark's representation was truly a godsend and well worth his fee. Much obliged Mark! (10/04/2021)

Diligent & Patient Posted by anonymous - (5 stars)

I am very grateful for the help I received from Mark. He was very diligent with his work and very patient with me. Mark was there every step of the way and quite honestly exceeded my expectations! At any time I needed him or had questions he was there or quick to respond with a high level of professionalism.

I highly recommend his services if you require them or even consultation. Thank you for all the help you gave me in getting through this! (09/07/2021)

Chapter 7 filing - Posted by anonymous - (5 stars)

I must say it was truly a pleasure working with Mark and going through the process as I had no clue as to how this all worked, but we persevered through it to a perfect outcome.
I will certainly recommend Mark to anyone I know that truly needs an outstanding Lawyer..
I can now enter my retirement years and enjoy my grandchildren with a peace of mind that Mark has given me. (07/26/2021)

Amazing lawyer - Posted by DG - (5 stars)

Mark is a constamment professional. Extremely responsive to emails and phone calls and worked with me the entire time. He's by your side throughout the entire, sometimes stressful, process. He makes everything incredibly easier to understand and get through. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a great lawyer in a time of need. (07/05/2021) 
Note: Same client posted on Google too. 

Has all the answers - Posted by Daniel - (5 stars)

When I was considering bankruptcy, I had a lot of questions and I could not find the right answers on the internet or anywhere else. My search led me to Medvesky Law. I knew I made the right decision after our first consultation. Mark was a pleasure to work with and had all the answers to my questions. Mark understood that this was a difficult time for me and was very patient with me as moved through the process together. I highly recommend Mark and his Firm to everyone I know. Thanks, Mark, for all your help. (01/19/2021)

Highly Recommended - Posted by William - (5 Stars)

I found Mr. Medvesky through an online search. Reading his online reviews are one off the reasons I decided to use his services. I met with Mr. Medvesky for a free consultation and he explained all aspects of filing for bankruptcy. I was a nervous wreck and was so stress out at the time. Mr. Medvesky answer all my questions and explained what where my options. The one thing that made me decided to use his services was the fact he just listened to me and said everything will be alright, we will get through this together. This is when I knew I had the right person to represent me and my situation. Bankruptcy can be a most intimidating, and scary time for you. 

For my situation, we discussed the two options we had in filing for Bankruptcy. He explained both options and we decided filing for Ch 7 bankruptcy was the best choice. Mr. Medvesky walked me through the process, helped me to know what documentation to provide, explained the hearing process and made everything very easy. He is knowledgeable, approachable, respectful and will do everything to make sure one feels comfortable throughout the process When we went to my creditors meeting, we had everything they needed. He spoke to me right before we walked in and said just relax you are moving in the right direction. 

Mr. Medvesky was always responsive whether phone call or email. A response never took longer than a day. All I can say is thank you Mark for everything you did for me during this difficult time. I didn’t know how I was going to get through this tough time but Mr. Medvesky and his staff did an amazing job. You will not regret hiring Mr. Medvesky to help you through your situation!!!! (06/29/2020)

Highly Recommended - Posted by Jessica - (5 Stars)

I was recommended to Mark by another Attorney and I could not be happier with the outcome. Mark was available and answered any question that I had. A week after meeting up with with Mark for a consolation my bankruptcy was filed. It was a very quick process and Mark made it painless as possible. High Recommended. (01/29/2020)

Fantastic and caring attorney- Posted by Dave - (5 Stars)

Mark, thank you for your assistance during a difficult time. Your patience and compassion and empathy. You are not just a great attorney but a stellar individual as well! (07/17/19)

Very good Lawyer - Posted by Vince (5 Stars)

Mark was very professional in handling my bankruptcy case. When I was not certain of things he was patient with me and helped me understand what was going on. When it comes to legal jargon I am not that good at understanding but Mark was able to explain it in laymans terms. I would highly recommend Mark for managing your bankruptcy case. (07/13/19)

Fantastic help when we needed it - Posted by Renee (5 Stars)

Mark was fantastic. He was very understanding and went out of his way to be helpful. He explains everything very clearly and walks you through anything you don’t understand. Not once did he make us feel uncomfortable because we needed to declare bankruptcy. I would recommend him to anyone needing the services he provides. (10/24/2018)

Excellent Lawyer! - Posted by anonymous (5 Stars)

Mark was a kind, knowledgeable and competent bankruptcy lawyer that help me through BK process without any difficulties. Mark made my whole BK process flawless and stress free.. He answered my questions in timely manner and made feel very comfortable during the whole BK process.. I highly recommend Mark! (04/01/2018)

Amazing, caring, accessible - Posted by Louis (5 Stars)

Mark has been nothing short of amazing. If you are reading these reviews chances are you may be in trouble and in need of legal help. If I could reach through the computer for you and dial his number I would. There are not many situations worse than mine and after 18 months of an incredible amount of work this man has saved my life, home and future. (06/19/2017)  

Excellent representation - Posted by Tom (5 Stars)

Mark was very effective in explaining what my options were and very helpful in answering any questions that I need to clarify. He was always willing to answer any questions. You can honestly can tell that he cares about you, and not just as a client. Thanks, Mark. (02/13/2017)

Look no further! - Posted by Shannon (5 Stars)

Having to file for bankruptcy was humiliating for me and I was very nervous. I read a lot of reviews first and I couldn't be happier that I found Mark. He made the whole experience much easier and less stressful. He has flexible hours and his prices really can't be beat! He is so nice and down to earth that I was able to relax a bit as he took care of everything. You definitely won't regret choosing Mark to represent you. (11/04/2016)

Great experience working with Mark! - Posted by Lauren (5 Stars)

We were looking for a talented local lawyer to help us update our estate planning documents. We couldn't have been more pleased with choosing Mark! He was professional, very easy to talk to and his fees were very reasonable. The entire process went very smoothly. It is nice to know that we found such a great lawyer in case we ever need one in the future. (08/01/2016)

Excellent Attorney – Posted by Christopher (5 Stars) 

I must say when I when I first decided to file for bankruptcy I was a nervous reck. Not only was I nervous, but I felt ashamed and embarrassed. From the very beginning, Mark helped me to understand that I was not the only one going through this tough time, and he did everything he could to make sure I did not "overthink" things. Never once did he make me feel like I was doing something that I should be ashamed of, and for that I am very grateful. He and his paralegal Trish were very professional, and they made the process very smooth and "painless." (03/03/2016)

One of the few that actually cares - Posted by Keven (5 Stars)

After our first phone call an consultation I knew he would get the job done. He made my life alot less nerve racking during my chapter 7. Even when we had few curve balls in my case he adapted and overcame them in a very professional matter. Mark and his Paralegal (Trish) were simply perfect they were always there for me when I needed them either via phone Call or email. He doesn't bs either he tells nothing but the truth. In my few months of using him I had 100 percent faith in him and still do. He is simply a great down to earth lawyer who has a good heart and isn't In it for just the money. I highly recommend mark especially for bankruptcies. (08/29/2015)

Such a Pleasure to Work with Mark! - Posted by Jessica (5 stars) same as above

I found Mark through Google and set up a meeting to see if he could help. From the very first meeting, even before I committed to working with him, he took the time to answer all of my questions and make sure I understood the process. My case was complex and he took the time to do all the research. He was honest with me throughout the process and that was really important to me. I highly recommend Mark! He made a very difficult time in my life so much easier! (06/02/2015)

Friendly and Patient - Posted by Natalie (5 stars) 

We really lucked out with Mark. He was the exact person we needed for what was an intensely stressful process (bankruptcy). Never once did he show a hint of impatience or condescension, but don't let his big teddy bear like personality fool you, this guy knows what he's doing! Always on point. He was always very responsive to all our questions and requests for clarifications on answers (and we had He can help you understand everything that's going on in plain english. My husband and I had complete confidence in Mark from beginning to end and will definitely look to him in the future for any other legal help that falls under his field of practice. (04/31/2015)

Bankruptcy Review - Posted by a client (5 stars)

Mark was a pleasure to work with and was very helpful to me during a difficult time. I was helping a parent with some very difficult financial decisions that they weren't ready to accept. Mark was so patient with me as moved through the process with many road blocks being thrown in front of us. He always communicated with me the next step, he promptly got back to me when I would contact him and he was always just very pleasant to deal with. Thank you Mark for all your help! (04/08/2015)

Chapter 7 Consulting - Posted by Unknown Bankruptcy Consultation (5 stars)

Mark is quick to respond to questions and explains the necessary requirements simplistically and provides realistic outcomes from his many years of experience. Very reasonable cost structure. (03/03/15)

Highly Recommended - Posted by a Wills client (5 stars)

Mark helped my wife and I set-up our wills and advance directives for medical conditions. He was very professional and not only answered a lot of questions, he brought up issues that we had never previously considered. Because of his knowledge, we now have what we consider as very strong wills and my wife and I know what each other expects in case of extreme medical situations. We both really appreciated his input. I highly recommend him! (04/02/2014)

A pleasure to deal with - Posted by Brian, a Bankruptcy client (5 stars)

After getting Mark's name from a referral service, I wasn't sure what to expect. I hadn't previously had good experiences with the few times I had dealings with the legal profession. Mark was extremely helpful with my case& I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to talk to him & how accessible & responsive he was to my specific questions & concerns. He clearly laid out my options in a simple, easy to understand way that I hadn't encountered in the past. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone in need of a simpler approach to their legal concerns. Thanks Mark! (04/01/2014)

Small Claims court matter - Posted by Chris, a Contracts client (4 stars)

I contacted Mark in fall of 2013 about a disagreement with a local merchant. The merchant was threatening Small Claims court, I spoke with Mark about this process, various options, and costs involved with this. Mark shared great information and the process in my particular area as well. He also described the appeals process and other details. It was very informative speaking with him and I took his advice, and now the matter is settled. (01/24/2014)

Straight forward no BS - Posted by Nguyen, a Criminal Defense client (4 stars)

Mark was very honest about my legal troubles compared to many other lawyers who I had a consultation with. He is articulate and very easy to talk to, which eased my anxiety levels. Also he replied to every email and phone call I made. He laid out every option with the pros/cons clearly and understandable (I really hate lawyer speak/jargon). I am satisfied how my case ended with no jail time. (01/10/2014)

Reviews found on Foursquare

Mark is fantastic. Just met with him. Very helpful and friendly. Easy to talk to and makes everything easy to understand. Posted by a Wills Client

Reviews found on Facebook

(5 Stars) Great guy! Very down to earth and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend, we searched many lawyers before going with Mark and so glad we did! Posted by Mandy Hayes (06/25/2015)

Reviews sent directly to Mark Medvesky and the firm

"Mark handled my personal bankruptcy. It was quick and easy. He is very patient and explains everything in an easy to understand manner. He also handles many other facets of law and I would not hesitate to hire him for any of them. Many thanks Mark"

Pat (07/23/2022)


"I recently had Mark represent me in a bankruptcy case and I couldn’t have found a more knowledgeable and caring attorney.  He answered all of my questions in such a way that he always put my mind at ease.  He replied to all of my emails usually in the same day.  I could really count on him and I would recommend him very highly.  I will certainly ask for his services again as a matter arises."

Cindy (06/26/2020)


"Hi Mark!

I FINALLY got a chance to write your reviews! I put them up on Google and AVVO. Here is what I posted if you want to add it to your website! :) 

I found Mark through Google and set up a meeting to see if he could help. From the very first meeting, even before I committed  to working with him, he took the time to answer all of my questions and make sure I understood the process. My case was complex and he took the time to do all the research. He was honest with me throughout the process and that was really important to me. I highly recommend Mark! He made a difficult time in my life so much easier! 

Thanks again for all of your help. I wish you the absolute best! You're are great lawyer - professional yet easy going, honest and direct, willing to the the right thing for your clients. I'm glad I found you for my case!

(You can add that last part too if you want! :))"

Jessica - Montgomery County (06/01/2015)


“To Whom it May Concern,
After doing a thorough search, I decided to rely on Medvesky Law to help me though my bankruptcy filing and proceedings in February 2015.
I now know that I made the right decision and am incredibly thankful for everything Mark has done. So I just want extend that gratitude by inviting Mark to share my experience with anyone else facing this challenge.
While I can’t claim the process was easy, it’s fair to say that Mark made it as easy as possible along the way. He kept things very simple, which is important for me. He was very attentive throughout the process and incredibly thorough to make sure everything went smoothly, which it did.
While it’s fair to say that there’s nothing fun about having to file, there’s a lot to be said for being on the other side. The pressures that led to it are now behind me. The fresh start I've long-needed is finally here.
Thank you very much Mark!”

Matthew Z. - Bucks County, PA (03/02/2015)

Compliments in Correspondence to the Firm

"Hello Mark, 

I wanted to thank you so much for your help. Everything has been submitted and looks great.

If there is any more paperwork that needs to be completed, would you be able to assist me with that in the future?" (email #1)

"I am very grateful especially since the other lawyer denied to help me so honestly i appreciate this so much i will stay in touch with you in case anything comes up thank you!" (email #2)  From an Immigration Client 04/04/2024

"M and I are sitting here reflecting on everything and then I realize I never responded! Everything is great and M has received her green card. Thank you so much for everything you did for us, you are part of our story and we are grateful for your help. Hope the holidays were great, and I am sorry for delaying the close of our case. Wish you the best, and I wonder who the next couple will be?"  From an Immigration Client (01/17/2024)

"...Thanks for all that you did for me over the past year.  Your compassion, patience, knowledge and kindness was quite appreciated.  I'll keep you in mind if someone needs an attorney for anything..."  From Bankruptcy a Client (10/26/2023)

"... Thank you for everything during this stressful journey, you helped us a lot and we will always remember that! ..." From an Immigration Client (09/27/2023)

"Thank you, Mark, for this life-changing news. And thank you for your expert advice and for so skillfully ushering me through this terrifying process. I know firsthand that I was not the easiest client to deal with most days and I hope that I will never require your services again for such a filing as this. I don't believe in coincidences and therefore know I was supposed to find you to help me through this. And now this news has brought me—finally—the sense of relief that I long expected. You are a gifted counselor; I understand now that playing devil's advocate with my case was just your way of being as thorough as possible and covering every scenario that could have played out. I will do my best to fill out the Google review on your behalf. It would be the least that I could do to show my deep appreciation for your top-notch professional services."
From Bankruptcy a Client (09/01/2023)

"Hi Mark, finally she went at xxxxxxx and today and she got the passport with a visas. Thank you for everything you did for me I'll never forget and I will recommend many people to you... Again thank you." and "my wife and me are saying thanks alot  to you for that you did for us. may God bless you" From an Immigration Client (06/27/2023 and 06/28/2023) (please keep in mind English is a second language for this client and he is using a cell telephone)

"Thank you again for everything. Thank you for making this as easy as something like this can be. Thank you again." From Bankruptcy a Client (12/02/2022)

Mark, we are SO VERY appreciative of all your work with us! I absolutely want to write a review ...  And you will be our first call if ever we need future legal assistance. "From Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Client (10/17/2022) 

"Hi Mark it’s hard to believe it is actually over it has been nearly 6 1/2 years since you and I first met I wasn’t sure we could even set it up let alone get it finished I thank you for your professionalism and I hope my case gave you the experience to help many others along the way rest assured if I ever hear of anyone in financial trouble I will pass along your information be well and enjoy all the success you deserve thank you for everything!" From Chapter 13 Bankruptcy a Client (05/06/2022) (sent via iPhone, please excuse lack of punctuation)

"Thank you Mark. You have made my bankruptcy very easy for me." From Bankruptcy a Client (04/29/2022) 

"Yes, I think the settlement is fair. I appreciate your work to resolve this. You're awesome! I intend for our next communication to be on a more positive note." From Bankruptcy a Client (03/29/2022)
"I just wanted to thank you for all your help with this matter! I honestly had no idea what to expect going into this and was pretty nervous having to deal with the whole situation, but you were very professional and helpful, and patient with all my questions. Also all the times I had to send over multiple forms. I really appreciate it, I hope that'll be the end of this and will get on the right track now! ...

I did leave a review on Avvo, anonymously just didn't want my name up there. But 5 stars all the way! Thank you again!" Same client as Diligent & Patient AVVO Review above. It was a little different than the review so I posted this also.(09/07/2021)

"Thank you for the update (discharge granted). it has been a pleasure working with you on this matter. I wish you all the best!" From Bankruptcy a Client (06/13/2021)

"Thank you for all that you have done. I appreciate all of your time and effort. Take care." From Bankruptcy a Client (06/11/2021)

"WOW!!! AWESOME!!!! Thank You!!! Very Much for All Your Help!!!! (05/07/2021) and I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! (05/18/2021) From Bankruptcy Clients

"Awesome, thank you so much!" and "Awesome, thank you so much! ... You’ve made everything painless! Thank you again" From a Bankruptcy Clients/Couple both sent e-mails (11/06/2020)

"Hi Mark!!!
... I want to thank you so very much for everything you've done and your patience and unwavering service... Thanks again for Everything!!!" From a Bankruptcy Client (10/14/2020)

Hey Mark, 
Thank you so much for your service!! It’s been a pleasure working with you and I will definitely send people your way." From a Bankruptcy Client  (09/04/2020)

"Mark,,,, Thanks again for all your effort / five star service...   John" Follow up service for a Bankruptcy client post discharge (05/29/2020)  

"Mark, All I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This was a very tough thing for me. I wasnt sure how things would work out but this was the best news for me and my wife. ... If I come across anyone who can use your professional help I will make sure to pass your information and tell them my experience with your office!!!" From a Bankruptcy Client (04/21/2020)

"Mark, This is good news, Thanks for representing me .  The Initial consultation, The effort from start to finish has all been 5 star. Thanks for your commitment." From a Bankruptcy Client (11/16/2019)

"Hi Mark ... We just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts helping us refresh our Will and Trust. It has been a pleasure working with you.  Your professionalism and guidance throughout really made this an easy process. Thanks again ... Have a great weekend! Best regards" From an Estate Planning Client (05/21/2019)

"Hi Mark, Thank you so much for making this so much easier (and with less anxiety) then we could have imagined. This is a big weight lifted and at a time when we needed good news... Thanks again for all of your help!"  From a Bankruptcy Client (02/15/2019)

Hi mark, Thank you - mom just forwarded me the email you sent her. You have been such a gem through this process - you certainly did exceed our expectations !! Thank you for being so gentle and understanding with my mother... Thanks...  From the daughter of an elderly Bankruptcy Client (01/24/2019)

"Omg!!!!! This is the best news ever!!! [receiving her green card] Thank you so much for all your help!! I’m so happy now!" From an Immigration Client (03/09/2018)

"Mark, Thank you so much for working with us to get this done. This [debts were discharged in their bankruptcy case] is music to our ears! We are grateful for he work you’ve done and we will gladly leave you a review.  Should we need you for anything in the future, we’ll be sure to reach out. Again, we thank you!" From a Bankruptcy Client (02/09/2018)

"Mark, Thank you kindly for your excellent services and support during this difficult process." From a Bankruptcy Client (12/07/2017)

"Thank you for all your help!" From a Bankruptcy Client (11/27/2017)

“Mark … Thanks again for all your help with the Bankruptcy. We will recommend you to others …” From a Bankruptcy Client (11/24/2017)

Mark, I Appreciate everything you did for us. I will highly recommend you to any one who is looking for a lawyer, if they need one. Again Thank You. From a Bankruptcy Client (10/20/2017)
I was truly BLESSED to have such a Lawyer as you are, in such a time of despair, as your empathy was so much appreciated. From a Bankruptcy Client (04/26/2017)

"Thanks for all your comments of my many questions ... It was extremely helpful discussion for a complicated issue." From and estate planning client (02/24/2017)  

"Thank you so much for everything! This has been such a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. I really appreciate everything that you and your firm have done for me. If I ever need anything legal related (No more Bankruptcies! Lol) you will definitely be the person I come to. And if anyone I know ever needs any legal help, I will refer them to you without hesitation! Again, thank you so much!!" another from Christopher (04/17/2016) 
"Mark, thanks so much again for your time.  I did contact [the attorney you recommended] and I was impressed with his seeming knowledge of the business side in addition to the personal side of this crazy situation.  I am meeting with him on Thursday. I hope I don't need your services in the future, but I wouldn't hesitate to call you! Take care. --- M" Referral out from a telephone call on a case outside my practice area (11/30/2015)

“ ... This was one of the biggest decisions I've made in my life and I can't thank you enough for your kindness and patience throughout the process. Having a good attorney is the key to this process and you were great! Best of luck in your practice and if you ever need a client referral, don't hesitate to reach out to me!" Another from Jessica - Montgomery County (06/15/2015)

... Thanks so much. I'm so happy to have found you to take care of my parents affairs!" From a General Practice Client (5/19/15)

"… It's nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel finally. Thank you again, for all your help, it was all very much appreciated, and not taken for granted.” From an Immigration Client (03/16/2015)

"Hi Mark, Well I think we're finally done! ... Thank you for all your help. It has been a pleasure to work with you!" From an Executor of a Will we probated (03/09/2015)

"Hi Mark I wanted to say thanks for helping me take care of the bankruptcy everything worked out great..." From a Bankruptcy Client (01/21/2015)
"I’ve been giving you quite the good review here at work – about how you jumped in and offered to help when I initially called … If they ever ask me for my opinion – I’m giving them your number." From a Client for Wills and other matters. (01/14/2015)
“… it was a very nice experience!!  We will definitely keep you in mind, if there is anything else we need…” From a Wills Client (12/19/2014)
"... you [were] very courteous, helpful and did an excellent job ... you are honest and ethical and provided excellent guidance ..." From an Executor of a Will we probated (08/20/2014)

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  1. Mark, I sincerely hope the reviews I wrote do you the justice you deserve it. You have allowed me a second chance that I never thought possible. If someone is looking for an attorney as I was 18 months ago I hope they take these reviews to heart and contact you to begin the path to a new life.

  2. Mark was very helpful with my bankruptcy case I highly recommend him. He was quick, thorough and answered all my questions and concerns. A pleasure to work with, and helped me stay at ease throughout the process. Thank you Mark!

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  4. Mark is a constamment professional. Extremely responsive to emails and phone calls and worked with me through the entire time. He's by your side throughout the entire, sometimes stressful, process. He makes everything incredibly easier to understand and get through. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a great lawyer in a time of need.