Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"STUDY: For children, there is NO 'amicable divorce'"

A study led by Dr. Jonathon Beckmeyer of Indiana University, found that children's problems were no worse if parents continued to fight with each other after the divorce. As an attorney who tries to keep divorces as civil as possible, this is a tough study to take. The article states:

"The impact of the split on youngsters is just as devastating whether or not the mother and father keep cordial links, it found. These recent findings undermine a Government-backed consensus that the harm caused to children by separating parents can be limited if the couple remain friends."

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I find this study difficult to believe. It definitely seems counter-intuitive. Unfortunately, couples will continue to divorce. It would be nice if they didn't. I wonder how it would compare to broken couples that stay together for the kids. Is the broken family the issue or the separation?

I guess a closer look at the study itself might be more enlightening. No matter what, this is not a reason to be unreasonable. Interesting read. less http://lnkd.in/dxdMM8t

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