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Debt Collection - What rights do I have a against debt collectors?

While it can be challenging trying to exercise your rights against collection agencies, people do have rights against collection agencies and their efforts to collect debts. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act provides these protections.
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1.   No Early Morning or Late Night Calls

2.   No Calls at Work, Once You Request It

3.   No Repeated or Continuous Calls
4.   No Verbal Abuse

5.   No Informing Friends, Neighbors, Co-Workers, or Family Members about a Debt
6.   No Collecting on a Debt Larger Than the Consumer Actually Owes

7.   No Dire Threats
8.   A Debt Collector Must Send Written Notice of a Debt

9.   A Debt Collector Must Honor a Written Request for No Further Contact
10. The Debt Collector Must Verify All Disputed Debts

Just letting a credit collection agency know you understand these rights could help you prevent harassment by the creditor. Check out this article for a more complete explanation of these protection: "Top 10 Debt Collection Rights for Consumers"
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