Saturday, June 30, 2018

Current photo ID - needed for bankruptcy

"Current photo ID please," sound pretty simple, right? That is one of the first questions asked by the trustee as he or she starts the creditors meeting. It is required. Not hard, right? Something we generally take for granted and do not really use often.

This can be a show stopper for the creditors meeting. I had a client who pled guilty to a DUI between the time he spoke to me to start his bankruptcy and the time I filed it. In Pennsylvania, the state requires the driver to physically surrender his/her license at the time of sentencing. 

So my client surrendered his driver's license and didn't mention it until I reminded him to bring it to the meeting. I asked about other photo ID. He had an expired passport. The assigned trustee would not accept the expired passport as ID. 

I recommended my client go to DMV to get a photo ID (again a PA thing). He laminated his social security card so the DMV would not issue a photo ID.  When he went to the local Social Security office to get a social security new card, the representative could not issue a new card without a current photo ID. He finally worked it out.

We had to continue the creditors meeting three times. One more continuance request would have generated a motion to dismiss the case from the trustee. The moral to this story is every detail is important. 

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