Thursday, June 21, 2018

Quick Tip: Call your attorney .... whenever you receive a notice from the bankruptcy court

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Court notices come in basically two forms in a bankruptcy case. Many notices come through e-mail and the rules require many notices to be sent through regular mail. After any case commences, notices are rarely "served" like you see in the movies. While both of these forms can be convenient, they are not infallible. 

So many things can happen to an e-mail ... spam filters, mail box rules, information overload and missed, computer glitches. Mail takes time and can get lost. Missing notices are rare but do happen. If a client receives anything from a creditor's attorney or the court, he or she should contact his or her attorney as soon as possible. 

This is even more important in Chapter 13 cases. Chapter 13 cases take years to complete and many issues can occur without your attorney's knowledge. People can help their case by helping and working with their attorneys. 

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